Dating And Relationship Workshops

Are you ready for a change now in your love life? The workshops below are taken from my most popular live events. Here you will discover how to attract singles that match your long-term relationship goals. Are you tired of spending time and money on bad relationships or flaky date nights? Do you wish you knew the best way to set up your online dating profile or what pictures have been proven to get results? What about once you get into a relationship, have you ever experienced the 3month drop-off? when a good relationship just runs out of sizzle? have you ever wondered why this happens? Through the over 10+ years of coaching and supporting singles in my private practice, I have heard and seen almost everything. Some of you may be asking these same questions. You are who these workshops are for. 


I also understand you may not be ready to invest in private coaching just yet. Below you will find two great options. My premium workshops, packed with powerful content, available downloadable workbooks from the live class plus ability to email me any questions you have. Tickets for these sold out workshops are $65.00 you get them for $10.00. If you are wanting to just get a fell for the level of coaching and support I provide please experience my fresh start collection. 

Select a workshop below and begin a new journey in your love life! 

I am here to serve and I enjoy supporting you in creating the love life you deserve. 



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