About Renessa

Who we are: 

Renessa Strong is a Life, Love and Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. She has been featured on Oxygen Network, Q13 Fox News, New Day Northwest Show on NBC, Cosmo Latina Magazine and many more publications.

She believes in bringing together community and bridging the gap of isolation to living a full life with your self-esteem, in your career, enjoying a loving partner and surrounding yourself with uplifting and encouraging friends and family. Renessa has coached thousands of loving individuals in her 17 years of business and she loves to integrate her personal success with her clients.

Renessa has been a CEO Business owner for over 17 years, from restaurants to nightclubs and currently CEO of RenessaTV, Seattle’s most successful single events and relationship coaching company serving over 35,000 people.  

Renessa is an Author of 2 books,”Date Right or Stay Single Forever” & “Sexy Secrets to Juicy Love Life” She is a speaker on relationships, spirituality and business success. And Podcast host of “The  Renessa Rios Show Love Talks”. 

Renessa has a heart for those affected by the crimes of love, the love lies and the broken hearted. She serves over 35,000 singles in Seattle and has thousands of followers online.  Her passion is to help as many people as possible. 

Renessa uses her life experience to connect with every issue people are facing… from her childhood where she was homeless, a foster child and rebellious youth, her past marriage where she was the masculine female and opened her heart towards healing herself into a balanced woman post divorce.  She continues to grow and teach everything she learns that transforms her life and enjoys her thriving new marriage and family.   

Renessa married her Husband Chris in 2013 after both of them started over from divorce and personal growth healing processes.  

What we are about: 

Coming from a variety of backgrounds and meeting thousands of people with the same. There is a common theme of questions. How does one find purpose love, hope and passion?… How does a married couple with a blended family all come together and fit perfectly? How do single parents find love and happiness again?  How do a husband and wife join together with a common purpose and vision?  How can I achieve my goals?  

Renessa and Chris has been through almost every challenge individually and allow their story to build strength upon. They continue to conquer all that life throws at them…  the loss of a child, broken marriages, teenagers challenges, alcohol and behavior issues, genetic diseases, mental challenges, a new baby, bringing their families together and the list goes on. They share their stories on what keeps them centered and focused on life filled with love, passion and romance. 

“You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage.” ~ Alex Elle 

Our purpose is to help singles, couples and families heal, grow and connect deeply with each other.  

Our Why? 
With the growing number of singles the declining birthrate and the lack of families our country is heading down a path seen many times before through the course of history. Rome, China, England. History shows that when a society moves away from families and the connection of being apart of something more than just themselves, it begins to unravel at the seams. When men and women become all about self... greed, corruption, self serving pleasure, society is driven into a dark age lacking progress and growth. We see this trend taking hold today.  

When for the first time ever more Americans associate themselves as single then not. When the idea of having a family becomes a burden because of costs and responsibility. When divorce is easier than fighting through the challenges, when giving up on hopes and dreams becomes a families life, something must be done.  

So often men and women have lost their place in life..the de-masculating of men and vice versa for women. For singles to be afraid to flirt and enjoy courtship as it may come across threatening leaving many to live in a constant state of fear. Women growing up as young ladies are being deceived to use their bodies for fame and fortune to strangers. 

Imagine if we changed this! Imagine if young men and women, couples married for 1-50 years understood how to break through this. Every week through Renessa and Chris’s workshop serving 25,000 singles in what many call America’s Toughest place to date... this very change is happening.  Singles are being introduced to love and happiness. Families and marriages are being reignited with Romance, Passion and Love! 

Lets begin to work together!